Dear Parents:

The Calgary Firefighters Toy Association would like to extend an invitation to you and your family to their annual Children’s Christmas Party.  In order to do this, your name and address is required. They also require the age and gender of your children up to and including the age of 12 years old, so appropriate gifts can be purchased for them.

If your children attend multiple schools, you only need to return one form for your family, do not fill out for each school.

Please note, if you have any children who are older than 12, they may attend and partake in the festivities, but will not be eligible to receive a gift. Adults and children over the age of 12 do not need to be listed on the form.

If you are interested in receiving an invitation, please complete the attached form and return to the school office no later than November 7, 2023. Invitations are processed on a first come, first served basis, and space is very limited. A spot is not guaranteed.  We encourage you to return your form as soon as possible. The school will then forward the completed form to the Calgary Firefighters Toy Association.

To ensure you receive your invitation in the mail it is important that all information is written clearly and that a complete mailing address, including postal code and unit number are provided. Forms that have an incomplete address or cannot be read will not be processed and no invitation will be mailed.

Calgary Firefighters Toy Association

Parent/Guardian form


Time You Would Like to Arrive.
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To be completed by referring school or agency only:
To be completed by referring school or agency only: