What we do

CFD TOY Association

The Calgary Firefighters Toy Association works on a referral basis in consultation with various social services and both school boards to determine our recipients. Recipients 12 and under will be informed of the program and invited based on the referral. 

Each year the event grows in recipient referrals.  At this time, space is limited but it is always the goal to be able to accommodate more children each year. We can do this with assistance from our community. Please visit the Donate page to see how you can assist us in serving more families in need at our event.

Team Members

Mark Hagel


Gord Robb

Vice President

Jamie Blaney

Lottery Coordinator

Stacy Burr

Invite Coordinator

Stephen Cassley

Volunteer Coordinator

Kevin Davis

Food & Beverage Coordinator

Matt Friede

Gift Coordinator

Joanne Robb

Event Floor Coordinator

Jennifer Raffard

Funding Coordinator